Today, the popularity of online casino is standing out throughout the internet and it’s the Americans who make it stand out with their love towards online gambling. Go Casino is one of the leading online casinos that have been appreciated by all US players because this casino offered a lot of bonus to new players. Go Casino also offer exciting promo to new players and customer support is also available 24/7 to help customers as much as possible. It also accepts credit cards and E wallet solutions from players all over the world. EcoCard, Quicktender, UseMyWallet, as well as other pre-paid cards – the payment methods, which generally tend to work very well. It is definition of free market economy and in spite of changing minutiae of the gambling online laws as well as enforcement in United States, to place the wagers on internet doesn’t violate the federal law, as long as they are not sports bets.

Problem is in the funding gambling online by the US residents. First step toward board gambling online is finding the reputable casino online USA players are also allowed to participate. You can visit many gambling web sites as well as review the lists to see which casinos online are rated very friendly to the USA players. The next step is determining method you would like to use and fund the play at casinos online. There are many kinds of the “e-wallets” accessible to the US players. They make the money from fees, which they take to make the transactions, and fees differ from each other, thus it is good idea comparing prior to setting up the account.

  1. Hi Elmer, i’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and i have a question to ask you.

    What happens if a casino cant afford to pay a gambler? Lets say a casino has 150 million in reserve and a whale comes along and bets 10 million on roulette and gets the number right and now has won 360 million now what?

  2. Thank you for your question Frank.

    There’s never been a 10 million dollar bet on roulette, and no casino would ever take that. The variance on that much money would not be good for their books at all.

    The US record is 250k at the Golden Gate in Vegas and that was done as a publicity stunt for a stupid reality MTV show. They normally would not have taken that bet, but they thought the publicity would be worth it. (The reality tv contestants started with 125k, doubled, and then busted when they tried to double again). I hope this has been useful to answer your question.

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