The purposes of the Graham Center’s Internship Program are:

  • to provide researchers with an immersion experience in the Washington scene focused on health policy as seen from a family practice and primary care perspective;
  • to provide the Graham Center with a renewable source of ideas, energy, competencies, and service that enhances the performance of the Graham Center; and,
  • to build the research capacity for primary care throughout the nation.

The length of the internship is individually negotiated based on an intern’s availability but is expected to last not less than four weeks, preferably six weeks.

Work responsibilities include: literature searches, assisting with manuscripts, drafting a position paper on a particular content area, attendance at hearings and committee meetings, data management, analysis of data sets, attendance at routine meetings of the Graham Center, and ad hoc assignments based on current activity of the Graham Center. Each intern must agree to be identified during the internship as a member of the Graham Center staff and afterwards in various reports concerning the Graham Center.

Our goal is that each intern will develop a tangible product at the end of their term as well as a longitudinal work-in-progress that permits ongoing interaction with the Graham Center. These may include a written product such as a background piece, Center One-Pagers, or publishable papers. The interns will be recognized as authors of publications for which they made a significant intellectual contribution.

All members of the Graham Center staff will evaluate the intern. the Graham Center will provide medical schools and residency programs with evaluations as required for the granting of credit to the intern for the successful completion of this internship.

Housing will be provided along with a small stipend.

For More Information

  • Contact Graham Center staff by telephone (202-986-5708) or Venuce Factor Facebook if you are interested in the internship program.