I heard that. The collective gasp of the Venus Factor community. But hear me out, I am not trying to go against everything we are doing, on the contrary. This is not a license to pig out, my husband is 6’4” and although we now both lift weights, and I am lifting more than I thought I can, he will always lift more than me, always. So its stand to reason he will always eat more than me. This is not about quantity, this post is about quality.

What does a man do when he think he need to go on a diet? He cuts the snacking and the carbs. He will never ever cut his meat intake. Never! That is what I am talking about ladies. PROTEIN, cut everything else, leave the protein…love the protein.

We need to make sure we get our 70-80 grams a day. I have a list of food that has at least 20 gram of protein in it, and I make sure I eat 3 things off that list every day. I am building my daily calorie budget from the protein up.

power-storyDay 5 of week 3. Wearing jeans I almost through away in the last closet clean-up. Ladies we can do this!
Hey there I’m with you on that. Yes my husband is a foot taller than I, and I know Kimberley is in the same both – All our men will never give up their protein.

But at the same time, some of us really tiny women will not hit the protein goal every time on our lowest deficit days. We are all different. I love my protein and it’s the first thing I go for. It satisfies me and I crave it. And even though I am so tiny, I have way above – off the charts – lean body mass for my height – so much that John just does the wave off – I am a freak (but a well-balanced and proportioned freak so it’s not so bad).

I have no problem meeting the protein quota now that I am extremely low body fat and need to eat a bit more calories daily. But I can honestly say when I was in my big fat loss phase and eating 1000 calories a day (I’m really short so it’s not all that much less than maintenance for me – compared to normal height girls) – no way did I meet the 80 g every day and I still gained muscle.

I’m not saying it’s not important, and not to shoot for it, but it’s a totally different game for us smaller girls. Definitely get as much as you can and try to get more on the higher calorie days if you can’t on one or two other days.
It is even more important once you hit maintenance. I can’t figure out how people can’t hit their protein numbers with low calories but I realize that they are eating a lot of stuff that they are used to eating like pasta, bread, cereal and rice with their meals. Empty calories to me. I ditched that stuff ages ago. I’m not into low carb, paleo either. But the meals are built around a protein source and fresh produce. Does not have to be boring either. Lots of ways to fix vegetables. I guess that’s where we differ from guys. Men don’t seem to get vegetables.

Just saw your comment about men and vegetables and there’s a joke I always say about my house: if something happened to me, the kids would never eat a vegetable because my husband never thinks about that!! Usually, he’s making dinner and I ask, “What are we having for a vegetable?” His response, “oh, yeah, hadn’t thought about that”
I have found that since I am not traveling as much, I am hitting my protein numbers every day. I really hope I can keep it up when I start traveling again!